Building Breakthrough UAV Systems
Twice the Lift

Supero prototypes consistently lift at least twice the payload compared to the competition, but have shown the ability to lift as much as 23X their own body weight during academic modeling and simulations.


Gross Payload vs. Competitors
43% Smaller Wingspan
vs. the competition

Unlike traditional airfoils, Supero uses the Internal Wing design to deliver improved performance with a dramatically smaller wingspan. The design is also more stable in high winds than single airfoils.

Breakthrough Safety

The Internal Wing design delivers breakthrough safety by setting a new standard for the angle of attack at which the aircraft begins to stall. The smallest angle of attack measured was 25 degrees, while the greatest was 44.5. Once the stall begins, the aircraft descends at a rate similar to that of a parachute. Furthermore, the three wing design adds strength and resiliency to the aircraft.

44.5 º

Supero prototypes demonstrate short takeoff and landing capabilites, and even near vertical takeoff and landing using a blown system design. Even without the blown system, Supero UAVs have taken off anywhere from 25 feet to 150 feet.